When the God of the universe turns the pages in your life and a new chapter emerges, one must  remain faithful, confident, thankful and simply GO!  That’s what a good friend recently did and I give her mad  props for leaving one life behind and embracing the renewal.Embracing life on the lam-b.  I am so very grateful that I get to be a part of her journey!

Here is a link to that Journey

Barb, You have made me a better woman on many levels. Our relationship has always been real and fun. Kind of like kids playing in the park. Play all day until one jumps off the Teeter Totter and the other gets a board up their rump! one runs home and the play date is over….Sorry,  I hope your rump is OK! The friendship may dissolve until the little girls make up and forgive each other with the Teeter Totter a mere minute in their memory.   I will cherish our time in the park! I look forward to the next chapter and cant wait to see what God has in store for us.


Barb, you are an amazing woman with the  strength and faith of David. You are  sincere, subtle, honest, responsible, respectful, funny, cheerful ( most of the time),  and humble to name a few. The list is endless and I am glad I can call you friend. Your passion and compassion are a gift. Don’t lose sight of that! People need your compassion and passion!

I leave you with one thing! Be spontaneous and flexible! there is a world out there that wants your gifts! Your boots will truly be for snow not the bull you left behind!

I love you Barb and ….. THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND!           I need friends!