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Investing 101

Investing 101 Recently I revamped my financial budget, in the process sat with some friends and threw some ideas around on the revamping.  Which by the way looks great on paper but until you actually put the budget to work… Continue Reading →

Crowley, Cujo and Compassion

  Before I embark on “Saving Crowley”, some pre-story.  I am not a “dog rescue” type person. I’ve only been to the pound once in 10 plus years and that was to bail a friend’s dog out on the false… Continue Reading →


  Nomad wants to wish most of you a Happy New Year! No, all of you. My hope is that everyone who eyeballs this post will take a few minutes to reflect. Reflection can aide us in many ways but… Continue Reading →

#TheJourneyContinues. . . Life on the Lam-b

When the God of the universe turns the pages in your life and a new chapter emerges, one must  remain faithful, confident, thankful and simply GO!  That’s what a good friend recently did and I give her mad  props for… Continue Reading →


Nomad is  Backpacking in Escalante Utah. Have Fun Some are in Fiji Good Luck Some are in Utah Inspired God Bless #BeBlessed #BlessOthers and always #BEARDOWN Check Back Soon Here is a link to one of my routes Ill be… Continue Reading →

The Kaepernick Effect

The Kaepernick effect. I love my country, I served in the armed forces,  my husband served, and I am as patriotic as any other American but next time the National Anthem is played and I am in attendance I will… Continue Reading →

Alone II . . . the journey continues

Disclaimer…. Im trying to fix the image problem…Sorry. Enjoy Day 5 Saturday May 28th 2016   This would be my zero day. My day to play. My only agenda that day was to fish. About noon I rolled out of camp… Continue Reading →

Alone. . . Part 1

Alone Taking a solo backpacking trip into the back country of the Hetch Hetchy Valley California, allowed me to experience the glory of being alone.  This is was no easy feat for a vertically challenged, semi-fit 51 year old urban… Continue Reading →

the power of the EM. . .

  Have you ever manipulated a person or s situation to get what you wanted?  For me that is an emphatic yes! I have done it in the past but I no longer employ that way of living. That character… Continue Reading →

Go To A Meeting!

Go to a meeting! If you are in recovery or are remotely related to the recovery world, you know those words all too well. Perhaps you’ve said that a few times yourself or wanted to say it a few times… Continue Reading →

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