Nomad wants to wish most of you a Happy New Year! No, all of you.

My hope is that everyone who eyeballs this post will take a few minutes to reflect. Reflection can aide us in many ways but most of all reflection should give way to growth and praise. One can not learn without reflection. If one does not reflect, learning just becomes an activity without substance.   I use reflection as a tool to living my life for His Glory.

2016 was a year of firsts, lasts and everything in between.

Right off the bat, 2016 was filled with emotion.  In December of  2015, #1 son played in his last FBS NCAA Football game. I held out hope he would declare for the draft although he told me months before, he didn’t want to play anymore. The game he loved, served him well for the last 12 years, however with his body tired and hurt, he decided he needed to pursue other options. I am proud he made a good choice. A young man at the ripe old age of 23 turned down $ for a brighter future.  Reflection revealed that going to “the league” was my dream not his. Hurt turned to gratitude quickly.  My son is a member of an elite group of men and will be a part of this fraternity for life.  Only 1.3% of HS football players get offered a FBS NCAA Division 1 scholarship.   My son is a true 1 percenter and to end his football career as a college graduate with zero student loan debt was worth the emotion.  ( next blog… football mom)

In February I would be placed in a storm created by a pretentious friend. Almost a year removed, I am still learning  as I reflect. I learned that meeting, knowing and following Jesus  and the values of authenticity, community and generosity were mere words.  I realized that I am an authentic follower of Jesus. I also learned that just because someone says they are a follower and claim authenticity, isn’t always the case.  Today I want people to back up the words that they speak with action. I always want to back up my words as well.

My 8 mile solo backpacking trip to Jordan Hot Springs, NM was a phenomenal precursor to the 33 mile Yosemite trip I had planned for May. Being alone in the wilderness takes courage, stamina, perseverance and a ton of Faith. I have them all. In the pic below I hiked  all the way to the far end of the water, summit-ed the mountain. This selfie was taken on the tail end of my trip.

In May I would celebrate a few college graduates and see all Gods grandeur of Yosemite, Willamette National Forest and Big Bear.

July would bring heat! I would bring heat. I had to bolster up the  moxie to face a giant. I did, it stunk. I would be criticized by some but God, faith and courage would prevail.

Two broken relationships were reconciled with grace and love. Friends do that! Reconcile!  I stepped out of my comfort zone, took a chance on a new relationship. My daily reflection revealed that this relationship was  so superficial that ending it was a blessing.

I entrusted my personal battle with some influential people.  I realized I my ideologies were completely wrong. Morals, values, God, Faith, right and wrong meant more to me than they. Supporting an ideology based on misnomers is not where one can find hope and the light. I pray for all the people out there with a hurt, habit or hang up that get stuck in the stairwell.

August would bring addiction into my sons world with the death of a teammate.  if your sober today  Kudos, if not how can I help you?


I can now, watch and enjoy, a college football game with #1 son. Watching him enter the stadium as a fan, for the first time in many years, bought both tears and excitement. We held each other tight as we honored a young man taken far too soon. #forever65 # BigHemi

Another comfort zone moment,  I joined a pinball league. A favorite hobby for years turned into new relationships and a leisure purchase.  Down side to having a pinball machine in my home- Nothing gets done as it used too. Now I know what the boys feel like when they are entrenched in COD,WOW, GOW. Pinball bolstered a better relationship with #3 son, my Minnie Me. We share the same passion.

#2 son was asked to leave a job he loves for a new adventure. He was bold and jumped.  He is the epitome of hard work and determination. I am thankful for all the great role models he had. As a single mom it is utterly important for your kids to have great role models in their life .

I met a group of people because of a Facebook post. Go figure! Thank You God! Those people are probably the most authentic, passionate people I have met in 6 years.  Stepping outside of my hula hoop and being bold . That seems to be the pattern of  2016.

My professional growth this year was huge. I love my job and the hope I give others. When an active addict hates you, you’re probably saving his live. When an addict loves you you’re probably enabling him.

Loyalty, hard work, suiting up and showing up goes a long way.

I share my love for the outdoors and all Gods beauty with others. You can’t keep it unless you give it away. 



Night hikes rock!




The holidays brought on a little more stress than usual. #3 son and myself struggle at times. I was able to see where sin was entering my life and in turn enabling him.  On Jan 1 2017 we both realized how much we really do need God, each other and humility. What an awesome way to start the new year.

Group text with my brothers on 1/1 gave me hope on better relationships with my Fab Five!

While I was at church on 1/1/2017,  the pastor was saying how some people might have a bleak outlook on 2017. I thought to my self . . . I never entered a year with a bleak outlook but my actions turned the year bleak.  I had a few bleak years!

Never bleak-Always Hope


My hope is that in 2017 , God blesses abundantly!  My goal is to be 1% better each and every day!

If you need hope…. shoot me an email