Before I embark on “Saving Crowley”, some pre-story.  I am not a “dog rescue” type person. I’ve only been to the pound once in 10 plus years and that was to bail a friend’s dog out on the false premise of adoption.   Empathy, sympathy, nurturing are words that do not describe me. Just ask my friends! A while ago I began praying for my God to soften my heart.  Enter Crowley!  Friday, Feb 3rd, 5 PM, 4 miles from the pound and Crowley comes across my feed!

I watch the video and what I saw, was a sad, dying dog.  Death was imminent.  I knew in my heart that I had to go to the pound and see this dog. Googled it, they close at 6.  What I found was far worse than the sadness I saw in the video. Not only was Crowley extremely sick with Kennel Cough, he was non weight bearing on his left hind leg.  The volunteer walked him out, handed me his leash, he was so short of breath, he couldn’t even make it to the designated area.  I had to help this dog. I’m a nurse, I have a spidey death sense and knew if I didn’t intervene this dog would die in that cage with in the next few hours maybe a day ! Needless to say Crowley came home with me that night. The young volunteer had to lift him into the back of my SUV.

This is Crowley at the pound. . .




Antibiotics for his Kennel Cough and a few days of prednisone for his ruptured ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). Some TLC from my Dog Whisperer  colleague  and Buddy was on the mend. I call him buddy because Crowley wasn’t any name he ever answered to so I just call him buddy.  Some call him Bear. Shoot for all I know he speaks Spanish.

I tried every name I can think of and sometimes I still do. I’ll sit in front of him and say Buddy, Sam,  Pato, Jose, Gringo, Honch, Lucky,  Arnold, Butch what ever just to see if I get a head tilt. No luck, so for now he remains buddy!

Buddy is a house broken, neutered, male, Shepard Mix and is approximately 7 years old.  He is a chill dog, who I’m thinking, lived a sedentary lifestyle. I have a 3 yr. Doberman who is active and Buddy would just rather sit and watch. Buddy loves to be loved.  He listens well. Buddy appears to be well cared for. A few scars here and there, some wear and tear. He was found roaming in Phoenix. He could have been hit by a car which lead to his injury.

Here is my hope for Buddy. . . To raise enough money to have the surgery to repair his ACL, rehab buddy and re-home him to a person who is in need of a companion.  I would love to re-home him to a seasoned adult in need of a companion. He would be perfect for someone who can walk him a few times a day and love on him.  Trust me when I say this dog is low maintenance. I will buy Buddy’s food as well.

To fulfill my hopes for this dog. . .  I estimate I will need 5000.00. The Surgery is roughly 3000.000 plus. I figure 5000.00 would give me enough money for surgery, rehabbing him and food/ maintenance for a long while.  I want him to be loved not a burden on his new owner.

Disclaimer. . . I would love to keep him but my lifestyle with my dog is quite different then want he needs.  I travel and back pack with my Doberman.

Let’s save Crowley!

Click Here to help Save Crowley


SO…… the old adage “be careful what you pray for”  isn’t always the case,  as with buddy. However I can tell you what God has shown me.

When I first encountered this dog, he, I am sure, felt  unlovable. I’ve felt like that way many times. Sometimes I still do.  I brought Buddy home and showed him unconditional love. Much like the love I receive from my God.

I didn’t know if I was taking home the next Cujo (google it) or Benji.  

All I knew was that this living breathing animal, that God put on this earth, needed my love and help. I nurtured him, loved him right where he was at, and served him. . . stinky, dirty and hurt. I didn’t care and it didn’t matter, even if he was Cujo underneath. What I saw was brokenness.  We are all broken, stinky, dirty and hurt.  I realized that I need to love the Cujo’s and the Benji’s in my life right where they are. I’m not sure how, when or why (well, yeah, I know why) but God softened my heart for those people in my life who need forgiveness and love.

Today I confront my storms or struggles with a soft(er) heart. I’m still a bad ass! Today I forgive and pray for those I forgave. That does not negate the hurt people caused or I caused them. One day I will encounter those people in my life and when I do I’m hoping that God  continues to give me the strength to hug them and love them right where they are. . .broken, stinky, dirty… me!